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“You can’t rely on beauty to sustain you.”

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New(er) Directions

Lucia Tran

It took me only, you know, four months to update this site. My last post was about abortion for crying out loud, now all the conservatives are surely chasing after me for advocating killing babies (that’s a whole other subject that I’m willing to argue about).

I’m clearly bad at marketing myself…really bad. So instead, I decided to market other people instead. I launched a new endeavor at the end of December: Lucia Tran Public Relations. Sadly, someone took LTPR – I might just steal it for kicks (kidding…not). Public relations has been my latest game. I truly love it, and love representing my amazing clients. I’m all about finding new children’s fashion & lifestyle brands and helping them brand themselves while helping to also boost their sales and overall public image. It is thrilling. So hence the lack of blog posts, but I’m going to attempt to write just a bit more. On top of reading 10 books and medieval literature.

While continuing to balance LTPR, I’m still running my little ship Zooey Magazine. I feel very blessed to have both businesses and also very lucky that I found what I love at a young-ish age. There’s not one day that goes by that I don’t feel grateful for these opportunities. Now, I just have to figure out how to brave the late nights without drinking so much coffee… Because my gosh, panic attacks are not fun. Who knew?

Yet lately, I find myself feeling defeated… Constantly comparing myself to other magazines and other editors. I started Zooey at 16, and I blame my impatient trait for not taking the time to discover what I truly wanted. I was on a mission surely, but the lesson I’ve repeatedly learned is: find a focus. Don’t just aim fire and assume you’ll get something, because you won’t. At least not for a while. It’s good to sit down, think things over, and work hard at finding that outlet of expression. So while I’m on new endeavors (constantly), I have to pull myself back once in a while before I end up regretting my decisions. Not that I regret Zooey, in fact, it has opened so many doors for me. I only hope to have something to hang on to by the time I graduate. Pray that this English major has a job or two by next summer! I’m just trying to live in the present, and not end up behind again in my classes. From the look of things, I don’t think professors will ever write me a recommendation letter for anything. The whole not-showing-up-to-class thing gets to them. And last minute essays. Cheers for endless Zooey productions and meetings. It’s one or the other, right?

Anyways, before I create another post about rambles about nothing… I’ll stop myself. I think the lesson here is: pave way for new opportunities but contemplate carefully before jumping. Risks are fun, but regrets are not.

- LT

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Hillary Clinton on Abortion

I couldn’t agree more with Hillary Clinton on her abortion stance. Who are people to judge on individual women’s situation. Call them names, call them this and that, but their circumstances are not ours to fight against. I believe in family planning, and yes, I do believe that women should have a right to abortion.

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Those Silly Facts

Because this type of post has been swarming Facebook, I figured I could share facts about myself too.

1. I once ran a red light in my hometown, and lucky for me…I was driving right in front of a cop. It was a $500 ticket. I am now and forever paranoid of yellow-red lights.

2. I have a huge fear of wet, loose hair (that’s not on someone’s head), courtesy of the movie “The Ring.”

3. Business has always been a passion. I even made a business out of selling my brothers’ basketball card collections when I was in elementary school.

4. If I see a stray dog while driving, I will…and I repeat, I will pull the car over to seek its owner. Once, I forced a friend to pull over and I jumped out of his moving car.

5. When I was 10, I wanted to study film directing at UCLA. Changed my mind. I’m now studying English at UCLA instead.

6. I’ve gone 36-48 hours with eating a single meal, simply because I forget the human body has to consume nutrients for survival.

7. In 1st grade, I got in trouble for using my middle finger. My brothers told me it meant nothing.

8. I cringe when people eat with their mouths close. My previous roommates would eat so loudly, that I bought myself noise cancellators.

9. When I was 5, I thought I could fly like Sabrina. I swear that broomstick was broken.

10. I can’t actually sleep without at least 2 blankets.

11. My ideal vacation, is having nothing on my schedule…and spending it with my family and my dogs.

12. I can recite lines from “Buffy,” “Pride and Prejudice,” and “You’ve Got Mail.”

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